IBH Integrated Behavioral Health

Corporate Background

Corporate BackgroundIBH is a privately owned company providing a full-range of behavioral health, psychiatric disability, EAP and WorkLife services nationally. IBH's customer segments range from the employer health plan with 25 members to the school district with 1200 members, to the high tech company with 12,000 members, to the manufacturing company with 30,000 members and to an insurance company with 10 million members.

IBH's professional networks provide EAP and behavioral health services in all states and Puerto Rico. 100% of IBH Care Managers are doctoral level professionals who work collegially with providers toward positive patient outcomes and cost-effective behavioral health programs. Many of IBH's clients established parity of behavioral health and medical benefits several years ago. These plans, managed by IBH, operate at claims cost levels that are reasonable and acceptable to the health plan sponsors.

The hallmarks of IBH's "niche" business approach to clients are responsiveness, quality and cost-effectiveness. IBH sees its clients as employers, health plans, members, families and providers.