IBH Integrated Behavioral Health

Our Values and Commitments

Corporate Background1. We are committed to our patients, providers, employer-clients and health plans. Only by satisfying their needs and aspirations will we be able to satisfy our own.

2. We are committed to behavioral healthcare. To the full range; from clinical and administrative services to providing education and practical research to shape the way care is delivered, managed and reimbursed.

3. We are committed to quality. In the clients we choose to serve, in the products we offer, in all of our work. Our goal is to be not necessarily the biggest, but the best.

4. We are committed to innovation, not to be different but to add value. We believe that within the parameters of every thing we do, there is always a better way to do it.

5. We are committed to being human. To being open, honest, friendly, sincere and concerned. We believe our results are directly connected to our attitudes toward our customers - our patients and their families, our providers and our employer-clients.

6. We are committed to our providers, as valued partners. To relationships that endure on the basis of mutual fairness and contribution.

7. We are committed to the long view. Sound financial policies without compromise and continuing reinvestment in the company. Policies that protect the future as well as the present and provide an above-average standard at shareholder return.

8. We are committed to make IBH an ever-better place to work. Our objectives are respect for the individual, equal opportunity for personal growth and above-average rewards based on merit.

9. We are committed to the concept of corporate social responsibility, which begins with good citizenship in the communities where we work.

10. We are committed to the pursuit of these standards and goals because we believe they are intrinsically right. They also happen to be good healthcare.

- Team at IBH