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About the IBH PPO Networks

In today's highly competitive job market, employers are interested in behavioral health benefits that focus on quality service rather than lowest cost. IBH's networks are designed to meet that growing need for quality treatment services.IBH seeks relationships with licensed behavioral health providers and facilities that are interested in providing high quality, effective, and efficient treatment services. We view this relationship as a mutually beneficial alliance. Some of the benefits to our providers and facilities include the following:

  • We approach our providers and facilities in a collegial manner, and require a reciprocal, professional response. Our contracted providers tell us that one of the highlights of working with IBH is that they are always treated with respect by our case management staff, and that this is not always their experience with other MCO's. Likewise, our case managers enjoy the professional interchange with our providers.
  • Our 100% doctoral-level case management staff offers a level of review that is unique in the managed care industry. Many of our providers consider the IBH case management staff as their personal consultants, often initiating contact to review difficult to treat cases. For IBH, our PPO networks include some of our country's leading experts in behavioral health treatment, some of who work exclusively with IBH and this is due, in part, to our 100% doctoral staff.
  • IBH arranges for quality service delivery to employees/members and dependents of our client accounts, and our providers are able to divert time, energy and money they would have had to expend on marketing into providing clinical services.
  • The IBH Fee Schedule consistently ranks very high in most areas of the country when compared to the rates of other managed care companies.
  • To ensure the delivery of the highest quality services, IBH requires documentation of the medical necessity and appropriateness of the care. Maintaining quality service standards cannot be achieved by blanket authorizations of 10 visits, anticipating that most will complete treatment in 6 sessions. IBH manages to quality through a three-page treatment plan that affords the provider a structured manner to accurately document medical necessity and appropriateness of care. The benefit of this documentation to the provider is two-fold: First, it gives the provider opportunity to think through the case and construct a formal treatment plan, and second, it serves as documentation of treatment for ethical and legal purposes for the provider's risk-management procedures.
  • For facility-level services, IBH manages to quality through Doctor-to-Doctor phone reviews rather than documentation, which allows the treating provider a rapid review for authorizations and ensures accuracy of communication.

Minimum Standards for PPO Provider Network Membership

  • Provider must be licensed to practice as a mental health provider independently and without supervision or consultation of any kind as a condition of licensure for a minimum of three years (post-license.)
  • Provider's license must be in good standing and without any disciplinary action by state or professional agency.
  • Provider must maintain adequate malpractice insurance.The IBH PPO networks are by invitation only. However, IBH is growing our business in most areas of the country and welcome letters of interest.

If you are interested in requesting an application to join the IBH networks, and meet the minimum standards for providers, you may submit your Vita or Resume to the Provider Services Department. Please attach a cover letter on your professional letterhead expressing your interest in joining the IBH network, and include a copy of your current license and malpractice face sheet.

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